Pohjoinen Rotukissaydistys ry - POROK was founded in 1993. The purpose of our club is to share knowlegde about cats to people living in northern Finland. As well as work as a link for our members to Suomen Kissaliitto and to other Finnish breed cat clubs.

POROK's firts cat show was held in 1994 in Kokkola. Since then POROK has been organizing shows every year in the Northern part of Finland. One of the memorable shows were POROK's Millenium jubilee show and 2003 the three day and three cert special show which was first of the kind in Finland.

Coming shows

International Cat Show in Kempele (Oulu) July 4th & 5th 2015 (2 certs)!



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Club president, Show manager
Mrs Riikka Turpeinen
Tel. +358 40 540 7005

Show secretary
Ms Anna Korhonen
Polettikuja 9 A 6
90420 Oulu
+358 50 410 9010

Mrs. Seija Marttila
Tel. +358 40 528 0698